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There are hook-type commutator, groove, flat type and other specifications. Refined selection of imported raw materials, product performance has reached international advanced level, are widely used in power tools, household appliances, automobiles, motorcycles and other motor areas; collector rings, carbon brush, patch panel with various models of products, applications automotive generators, gasoline generators and other fields. Commutator is rectified from the role, its role is to make the armature winding in the direction of current is alternating, and to ensure that the direction of the electromagnetic torque is always the same. In the generator, the commutator components can cross-transforming potential into a DC potential between the brushes; in the motor, he can make an external DC current into AC current components, resulting in a constant direction of the torque.
Commutator and the brushes in the motor component corresponding to the sliding friction, commutator motor performance depends on the relative brush under certain conditions, when high-speed sliding electrical contact behavior. Commutator vertical transmission in addition to current work, but there are still carried out in the short-circuit armature coil current for the task.
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