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DC motor commutator maintenance
(1) purge and wipe clean the commutator surface, to ensure clean.
(2) the establishment of a reasonable distribution of electrical load of the production process, ensure commutator surface to establish a good film (also known as the oxide film). Found that the surface state of deterioration of the commutator, spark a larger parking should be considered, the surface with fine sandpaper, re-established so that the oxide film.
(3) Check the mica slot is clean, for the film edges and corners should be smooth and free of burrs.
(4) ensure the quality of the commutator surface conditions, but also in the daily operation, careful observation and monitoring for the spark. Typically, point-like, granular sparks (blue and white or microstrip yellow) is sparse and evenly distributed in most of the brush on the part of the normal commutation sparks. The noise-like, fireballs or flying like sparks (dark yellow, red or green) classified as hazardous sparks. When the ring-like sparks of fire occurs, the motor should not continue to run.
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